19 July 2021: New study documents significant potential of OFT technology for converting sludge to circular bio-fuels 

A test-based study carried out in cooperation with Aarhus University has demonstrated that Organic Fuel Technology's micro-wave cracking technology yields very good mass- and energy-balances.

The technology produces so much oil, gas and char from dried, de-gassed sludge, that it has been necessary to adjust upwards the assumptions on the energy content of dried sludge which are normally applied.

The produced gas and char is suffieicnt to run the ncessary drying process for sludge, and the produced oil has a good energy content (37 MJ/kg) and is of a quality, which makes it possible to use it as bio-fuel for instance in maritime tranportation.

The results suggest that in treating waste water sludge, the OFT technology is superior to for instance pyrolysis, with better energy production and better quality end products.

24 March 2021: Organic Fuel Technology signs contract with Municiplity of Aarhus and AarhusVand on sludge treatment research project 

Væbnet med mikrobølger går århusiansk virksomhed i klimakamp


Den aarhusianske virksomhed Organic Fuel Technology vil med hjælp fra mikrobølger omdanne slam fra spildevand til bioprodukter, der skaber værdi for vores klima og miljø.