Our History

Organic Fuel Technology A/S was founded in 2007 by a group of farmers near Aarhus. The intention was to make and operate a plant for conversion of surplus straw from farms into biofuel, using a catalytic/microwave process. Organic Fuel Technology A/S invested in a german fabricated plant, that never achieved continuous operation and the german supplier went bankrupt.

In the meantime, Organic Fuel Technology A/S secured patent rights, and since 2010 there has been conducted experimental and developmental work, which has resulted in a pilot plant. It consist of a well-functioning reactor with manual control. Peripheral equipment has been developed for infeed of feedstock, condensing of oil and flaring of surplus gas.

The forces behind the plant are the original investor group, maskinfabrikken REKA located in Aars, students from Aarhus University and consultant work from companies located in eastern Jutland. In 2010 an external consultant was brought in, bringing knowledge from a position as research assistant at a Canadian University, where work was done on a related concept of cracking oilsand with microwaves.

The existing pilot plant has achieved continuous operation, though the by-product container limits the operating time. The reactor concept is in itself unique, and more than 100 tests have lead to a number of unique, patentable inventions.

The pilot plant has successfully achieved conversion of biomass to biofuel and gas, and rubber granulate to high quality fuel, gas and carbon black.


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Our Team

Organic Fuel Technology A/S has a dedicated staff, ready to 

Anders Hjortshøj


Søren Midtgaard Nielsen


Anders Stig Kjærgaard

Student assistant