Sustainable fuels from the world's organic waste 

Organic Fuel Technology is on a mission to make organic waste valuable and create circular biofuels that will limit global warming, increase biodiversity and solve major waste challenges across the planet.

Applying world leading and patented microwave solutions, our technology turns waste, low-value materials and by-products into high-value bio-fuels and carbon neutral circular fuels through a superior energy-efficient process.

Our waste processing plants are aimed at sludge processing for waste water treatment plants, waste processing facilities in the rubber industry and large-scale producers of organic waste in agriculture and food production. By creating value from waste an investment in an OFT8-plant will pay itself back in as little as 2 years.

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Making Waste Valuable

By developing, producing and servicing advanced waste processing plants based on microwave cracking, Organic Fuel Technology will enable our customers to create value from the world’s organic waste in environmentally sustainable and climate friendly ways.

Market leadership in organic waste treatment

Organic Fuel Technology will demonstrate the technological superiority of microwave-cracking of organic waste thereby becoming the market leading OEM for organic waste processing.

Towards a sustainable world

The OFT technology meets 4 of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, creating greener alternatives for the future.

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