What We Do

We provide green waste treatment processing plants for the industry

Organic Fuel Technology A/S is a tech company developing profitable waste treatment solutions using advanced microwave technology.


Our process turns waste, low-value materials and by-products into high-value commodities; oil, gas, and biochar or carbon black. The plant can process various organic materials like straw, sludge and rubber.


The OFT-technology is highly efficient and operates at much lower temperature and pressure compared to competing technologies. These conditions make the plant simpler and safer while achieving better quality products.



Making Waste Valuable

Handling the world's waste problem there is a need for advanced technology that not only handles the issues environmentally correct but also generates value and profit. By giving waste materials value the problem disappears.  

The OFT technology meets 4 of FN's 17 Global Goals For Sustainable Development, creating greener alternatives for the future. 

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